Network Security

Data Loss Prevention

Prevents confidential information from breaching or losing, provides the manage tools of applications, computer assets and remote control.

Network Security

• Network drive sharing Control: Disable, access record, backup files transfer

• Email Notification while network traffic and the number of file deletion exceed the threshold

• Enable or disable communication ports, e.g., FTP, HTTP

• Allow to use communication port with supervisor approval

• Web access control:

• Record user browsing behavior

• Allow user to browse website during specific period (e.g., browse Facebook after hours)

• HTTPS control: Support user defined blacklist and whitelist, and record blocked website browsing.

• Advanced web access control: (Support IE with specified URL)

• Disable printing, copy, cut and paste, save as functions

• Disable the keyboard, drag and drop, send the screen, view source file

• WebPost control: Disable or record file uploads (e.g., Webmail, Web Storage)

• Network traffic monitoring: Daily upload and download traffic alerts

• Allow web access with supervisor approval

• IM control
 · Disable IM software
 · Disable file transfer, e.g., Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Tencent QQ, Line, AliWangWang, Google Talk, ICQ
 · Record chat message, e.g., Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Tencent QQ, Line, AliWangWang

• FTP: Disable FTP or record & backup FTP transfer

• Wireless Access: (1) Disable 3G / 3.5G & dial-up software (2) Disable WiFi Service

• Control sync application and URL of cloud drive

• Control web based cloud service (support IE, Chrome, Firefox)

• Control application using HTTPS connection (TLS / SSL)

• Control Microsoft Office save as to cloud drive

• Record content of web page (support IE, Firefox)

• Support HTTPS/HTTP

• Retrieve webmail text content of Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Gmail

• Allow specified SMTP mail server

• Record and backup e-mail content

• Support Notes (Windows 32 bit) and Outlook

• Auto encrypted the attachments while sending e-mail

• Send the decryption password with supervisor approval

• E-mail sending prohibition with specified domain name or keywords, and record blocked activity

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